Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thoughts about Spring semester!

So now that finals are out of the way, I am able to blog way more often now! (Yay!!) I feel like this semester literally flew by! It feels like just yesterday it was January and now we are in May!! So crazy!! I can say that I'm so glad this semester is over and summer is finally here for me!

A couple days after finals week was over for me, I decided that once I get settled I'd write a sort of recap about my semester and my experience, so to speak so now that I actually can now, that's what I'm bringing to y'all today! 

So for a short summary of my semester, I took all online courses this semester (Spring Online Term) and I took four and they were English Composition I, Western Civilization II, Intro to Sociology, and Art Appreciation! 

My classes weren't hard, so to speak, they were fairly easy courses. They only class I was worried about was English Composition because my teacher's grading was pretty brutal! But as for the classes as a whole, I had a pretty easy semester. I will say though that western civ was my least favorite subject, there are certain historic subjects that interest me and these weren't it, what can I say, I'm not too big of a fan when it comes to history! I did enjoy my sociology class and even though it was an introduction to sociology, I enjoyed reading the material and learning different things! 

As mentioned before, I took all online classes this semester and it had its pros and cons. One pro is that I get to work at my own pace and don't have to worry about turning in an assignment right away. One con is that I felt like a recluse. Sure I went out, but not as much because I would do homework or have to read a super long chapter in my book in order to know what the quiz was going to be on. So I really didn't have much of a social life (not like it's a big one, but you know!). I also wasn't too fond about having to email my teachers in case I didn't understand soothing unlike in class where I can easily approach my teacher and ask for help face to face, that was also a downside. 

There are pros and cons, of course, it's normal, but I will say that I did like taking all online courses and I may take online Summer courses this summer, still not sure! I had a good semester and luckily I ended it with a 3.5 GPA and that's huge for me and I'm definitely proud of myself and the fact that I wasn't procrastinating like I usually would definitely helped! I've got high hopes for the summer and fall! 

So those were my thoughts about my semester and I hope you enjoyed this and if you happen to have finals right now I wish you the best of luck and sending you a bunch of good and positive vibes and just know that summer is so close, you can do it! And if you're already done with finals, Congrats!! You made it and I hope your summer is great!! :) 

How was your semester? Did you like it? Did your not like it? What plans do you have for the summer? :)

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