Friday, May 22, 2015

Day in my Life: Lazy Attire, Starbucks and Summer Courses!

So today was a pretty chilly and gloomy day, it's been gloomy and rainy the past couple of days so that could be why it was chilly today, so the outfit I wanted to wear today was a no-go, but that's okay, wearing lazy attire today was nice! 
Today I wore my oversized Alabama T-shirt, Nike workout pants, UGG sandals and my brown Northface jacket! 

The parents and I ate at our local cafe in downtown and I got some turkey dressing with gravy with a side of steamed cabbage, corn soufflĂ© and a roll, it was so good, but filling! 

Once we finished eating, me and mum went to my school because I'm taking summer courses this summer (starting this upcoming Tuesday! ahh!) and I needed to get my books! It's pretty ridiculous how much it was and how heavy these books are! Yay, college and more back pain! Now don't get me wrong I love college, but it's ridiculous how much the books are when I'm only going to be using them for a month! Do any of you know of sites where I can get affordable prices on books? 
And yes, I'm taking intermediate algebra, I just do not like math, I'm better at science than math! 
Do you like math or science better? 

Once we got home I watched a bit of TV (sort of) and then did some editing for my upcoming video!

I love the font I used for this thumbnail and there's your hint for my next video! haha 

Then I binge watched some YouTube videos and I am finally caught up on all my favorite YouTubers! 

I also caught up on my favorite bloggers! Looking at Dorothy's flight essentials makes me ready to pack for Mexico already! I'm so jealous that she's in Europe, I hope to go to Europe one day, it's definitely on my bucket list!  

I went to Starbucks and I got a Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel drizzle and even though it was a lot of calories, it's honestly worth it and this isn't something I get on the daily so treating myself isn't so bad! Nonetheless now that we have a Starbucks, I'm there almost daily! haha 

I got a new carry on backpack! 
It's the perfect size and I've been wanting a black backpack for quite some time now and I'm glad I got it and it was on sale! It was originally 34.98 and I got it for $21 bucks! I love that it has lots of pockets and space! 

I've been wanting to try out some new products for dry skin and I picked this one up from Walgreens!
It's from Garnier and it's a smooth cream cleanser and it says that it gently cleans the face and restores softness so once I use this for a bit, I might do a review on it! 

I got to see two of my friends today, we didn't take any pictures because it was a quick trip and plus I forgot haha it was nice seeing them and catching up! The rest of the day I cleaned and did some editing and read a bit! I had a pretty productive day though so it wasn't a bad day! I actually prefer being productive than just lounging about, I get bored easily when I'm not doing anything! Does that happen to you or do you prefer staying in? 

So that's how I spent my Thursday and I hope you enjoyed this post and had a great Thursday! :) 
What did you do today?

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