Friday, May 22, 2015

Day in my Life: Lazy Attire, Starbucks and Summer Courses!

So today was a pretty chilly and gloomy day, it's been gloomy and rainy the past couple of days so that could be why it was chilly today, so the outfit I wanted to wear today was a no-go, but that's okay, wearing lazy attire today was nice! 
Today I wore my oversized Alabama T-shirt, Nike workout pants, UGG sandals and my brown Northface jacket! 

The parents and I ate at our local cafe in downtown and I got some turkey dressing with gravy with a side of steamed cabbage, corn soufflĂ© and a roll, it was so good, but filling! 

Once we finished eating, me and mum went to my school because I'm taking summer courses this summer (starting this upcoming Tuesday! ahh!) and I needed to get my books! It's pretty ridiculous how much it was and how heavy these books are! Yay, college and more back pain! Now don't get me wrong I love college, but it's ridiculous how much the books are when I'm only going to be using them for a month! Do any of you know of sites where I can get affordable prices on books? 
And yes, I'm taking intermediate algebra, I just do not like math, I'm better at science than math! 
Do you like math or science better? 

Once we got home I watched a bit of TV (sort of) and then did some editing for my upcoming video!

I love the font I used for this thumbnail and there's your hint for my next video! haha 

Then I binge watched some YouTube videos and I am finally caught up on all my favorite YouTubers! 

I also caught up on my favorite bloggers! Looking at Dorothy's flight essentials makes me ready to pack for Mexico already! I'm so jealous that she's in Europe, I hope to go to Europe one day, it's definitely on my bucket list!  

I went to Starbucks and I got a Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato with extra caramel drizzle and even though it was a lot of calories, it's honestly worth it and this isn't something I get on the daily so treating myself isn't so bad! Nonetheless now that we have a Starbucks, I'm there almost daily! haha 

I got a new carry on backpack! 
It's the perfect size and I've been wanting a black backpack for quite some time now and I'm glad I got it and it was on sale! It was originally 34.98 and I got it for $21 bucks! I love that it has lots of pockets and space! 

I've been wanting to try out some new products for dry skin and I picked this one up from Walgreens!
It's from Garnier and it's a smooth cream cleanser and it says that it gently cleans the face and restores softness so once I use this for a bit, I might do a review on it! 

I got to see two of my friends today, we didn't take any pictures because it was a quick trip and plus I forgot haha it was nice seeing them and catching up! The rest of the day I cleaned and did some editing and read a bit! I had a pretty productive day though so it wasn't a bad day! I actually prefer being productive than just lounging about, I get bored easily when I'm not doing anything! Does that happen to you or do you prefer staying in? 

So that's how I spent my Thursday and I hope you enjoyed this post and had a great Thursday! :) 
What did you do today?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Huge Spring Collective Haul!

So in the past month I've done a bit of shopping for the Spring and Summer time and I thought I'd share this with you all to maybe give you some ideas or new stores to check out! So I love to shop, it's pretty bad, but something about the Spring and Summer time that makes me want to buy anything and everything floral or crochet/lace detailed! Am I the only one who does this??
I'm going to categorize this up to make it easier and not so jumbled up, so I hope y'all enjoy this haul! :) 

I went to Illinois a couple weeks ago and they had a Hollister so I decided to get a few things from their Spring collection and let's just say, I was not disappointed! 
Here's this flowy white top with a sequined tribal detail on the front and it's so light and it isn't super long on me which is great! 

I got another one similar to the one before, but this one is all floral lace and I love it! It's perfect because you can put a bandeau underneath and it's lightweight that even on the hottest day this will keep cool and not dying of heat! 

This is probably my favorite purchase (even though I love everything I got!). This was probably one of the boldest things I've purchased! It's basically a crotchet crop top with sheer fabric attached to it with a slit in the middle and this falls a couple inches below the boob area and it gives me a sort of figure which is great and the back is a deep V and I just love everything about this item! 

This one is different, but cute! It's a floral lace detailed poncho styled blouse and I feel like this will be good for the Spring and even the Fall time with some leggings! 

As you'll see rompers are a big part of my spring/summer wardrobe and when I saw this I had to have it! It's comfy and light weight and the print is just beautiful, so boho, I absolutely love it! 

I'm trying to get into the swing of wearing more dresses especially in the spring and summer time and even though this dress can be dressed up or down I love how casual it is and the lace detailing is so cute! 

These shorts are brighter in person, but I love how comfy they are! The bright orange and flowers are so cute together and I will definitely be getting a lot of use into these! 

more shorts! These are super flowy and I didn't realize it until I tried them on that the slit is super big so I wouldn't wear these on a windy day! haha but they're so comfy and go with a simple tank and bam you have a cute casual outfit! 

And the last thing I got was this T-shirt dress and I'm so glad I got it, it's comfy and casual I could wear this on a day where I'm running errands or don't want to get too dressed up! 

I used to not go into this store, but I started going with my mom when we went to the mall together and they have some really cute clothes there! 
I got this cream and black stripped shirt because it looks more like business casual and if I ever need to dress in business casual attire I could wear this over a blazer and be good! And it's also a good casual blouse! 

I love this and come to find out me and Leah from Leah Tackles have the same shirt! haha I loved this and I especially love the little pink flamingos it has on it! Super cute! 

And back to the rompers! I don't own any full black rompers with small detailing on and when I saw this I thought this was simple, but super cute! The pink and blue detailing is adorable and the scallop detailing adds a nice touch to it! 

Another thing I've been getting recently are bralettes and let's face it, these things are pretty darn comfy! I got this cream colored bralette and I love the razorback feel to it and the lace bottom detailing! 

Charlotte Russe 
It has been a while since I last shopped at Charlotte Russe and I forgot that they had some pretty cute clothes! 
This black and white crop top is so cute and it's flowy and the back so cute!! The pom poms, ugh so cute!! 

This kimono is perfect. The detailing on the bottom and the sleeve and then the flowers, the colors work so great together, I'm so glad I got it! 

Now in real life it's more bright and I was a bit hesitant, but my mom was like no, you have to get it it's super cute and it'll look great on you and so I took her word and got it and when I tried it on, I fell in love! So comfy!

Back to black! I love this kimono and the face that it has sheer pattern and detailing and fringe is just amazing! Definitely going to get a lot of use of this in the spring and summer! 

I actually do not know if this is made for fitness purposes or not, but I'm going to use it as a bralette haha I thought it was cute and basic and the lace detailing on the bottom is cute! 

These were also purchased the weekend I went to Illinois! 
I got me some Lilly Pulitzer tumblers because I'm in need of some tumblers especially when I'm on the go and don't have time to stop by a coffee shop! I love that the Jellies Be Jammin tumbler matches my agenda! haha 

I can't remember the brand (I threw away the tag, oops!) but they were having good deal on their collection I basically got the whole collection minus the earrings! I love how simple yet nautical their collection is! 

I've been needing some dark tan wedges and when I saw these I just had to have them! I love the detail and how comfy these wedges are! 

I used to go to Buckle a lot, but it had been quite some time since I last got anything from there and I only got these two items! 
This blouse is super flowy and I love the back detailing, it's different and amazing! I like that it stops at the waist and I also love that this is a medium! Working out and eating healthier is definitely helping!
Now I know this isn't for summer but this would be great for those chilly spring nights or the fall time! I will definitely be wearing this a lot during the fall/winter season! It's a peplum shirt and it's really flattering and the lace sleeves are just amazing! Fell in love with this item! 

I've always loved Earthbound and the vibe I get by just passing by it, I feel more calm when in there and I recently have been loving their clothing items online! I got two things from the store and I love them!
This is definitely a bold purchase on my part! It's a crotchet top and this just screams coachella (and any other music festivals really!) I can't wait to wear this! 

I love this necklace! I find it super beautiful with all the different colors and I love that there's two stones and not just one and the chain is a double chain! 

Lotus Boutique
This boutique followed me not too long ago on Instagram (@stephanieealexandraa) and when I checked out their Instagram and website, I fell in love with their clothing! If you live in the Alabama, Georgia, Florida area I highly recommend this boutique! The shipping is fast, the checkout process is easy and the quality of the clothes is amazing! 
I love this romper! It's pretty similar to the shorts I got from Hollister! But this romper is super comfy, the v-neck isn't too deep, but a bandeau or bralette would be needed! Other than that this romper is amazing! 

So this romper is similar to the one above with the deep v and bottom slits, but the pattern in different! It's an ivory color with lilac, pink and blue with a cute pattern design! Like the one above, I love this romper a lot! 

Lastly I got a dress and it's a simple cream dress and I love the sleeves and the little details that it has! The length is perfect too! Being 5'1" I was a bit worried about the length, but luckily it was the perfect length! 

 American Eagle
I love American Eagle, I get most of my clothes from there, especially my jeans and shorts, they're great, but I got three things, one of which I am SO glad I got! haha 
I got these bralettes both black and white and these are from Aerie and I love the detailing and the back is super cute! 

This is the item I am super glad I got and super glad mum found it and showed it to me! These floppy hats have been so in lately and I've been wanting one for quite some time and I finally got it! It's tan so it'll go with mostly everything I have in my closet and I love the feather detailing! Now I just need a black one because I have lots of clothes that can go with the black hat!

Victoria's Secret
I didn't purchase this myself, but my mum got this for free and it's a blanket and it's pretty thick, but not overly so that's good and it has tassel detailing!
And it's pink and pink is my favorite color so that works out perfectly! haha 

M.A.C. & Sephora
I have recently gotten into wearing lipstick and I made some purchases and I love them! 
I got the Too Faced Melted in Melted Jelly Donut, M.A.C. Flat Out Fabulous, and Velvet Teddy!

Now these two lip products I got for the Fall/Winter season and I know it's a while before the Fall, but time goes by so fast that stocking up isn't such a bad idea! These are the satin lipsticks and I got the colors Media and Rebel! 

So that was my huge haul and I hope this gave you some ideas on what to get this Spring/Summer or try out new products or want to buy a bold purchase! 

Happy Monday, y'all! 

What's your must have item for the Spring/Summer time? :) 

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Favorite Lipsticks for Spring and Summer

I used to not be the type to wear lipstick at all! I would only wear chapstick and sometimes a sheer lip gloss here and there, but really it was rare when I wore lipstick! Recently I've been wearing it a lot more than usual and I'm loving it! I love experimenting and seeing what works for me and what doesn't! So with that being said, I wanted to share with you all my favorite lipsticks for Spring and Summer! :) 

Bright lips are a thing now, as well as pastels, but in this post it's going to be half bright and half toned down! For those who do love to have bold bright lips and for those who like a more natural toned down kind of lip! I think these products are good for both types of people! :) 

I've been loving Milani's lipstick collection, I have four already (will be getting more!) and I love them! It's a drugstore brand which is great and the formula is amazing and the colors are true to the display shade on the bottom of the tube! 

It's a very bright pink color and it is a creamy consistency, but not over the top! On the lips as you will see it doesn't look creamy! 

I feel like this color is great for a pop of color to a simple outfit and if you have natural tan skin like myself the color will look so good on you! (ignore the stain on my shirt!)

This is a matte color and if you don't like your lips to feel creamy this is the one for you! It says it's matte, but the good thing I noticed about this lipstick is that it doesn't dry your lips that the typical matte lipstick does which I think is amazing! 

It's also easy to apply and not as tough to work with! 

And it's definitely a bright bold pink and is a color to add to your collection, for sure!

Now here's another matte lipstick and if you like a good matte berry color this is the one for you! Personally I'd wear this in the summer and fall time! It's such a pretty color and it's the right mix of bright and dark ( if that's even a thing!)!

It's pretty matte and it has a berry almost dark plum color to it! 

Here's what the color looks like on the lips! I like that it's bright, but not dramatically bright! And it's tricky to apply but once you wear a couple of times, you'll know which technique works for you when applying this lipstick on! 

This was raved about for months on end and was one of the most sold in the Too Faced Melted collection and I can see why! It's bright, of course, and even though it's a sponge applicator (image below!) it applies the product on very well! I was a bit skeptical because of the sponge, but it proved me wrong once I tested it out! 

It applies well and not splotchy at all! 

Super bold and great for that pop of color on your lips! 

Now it's time for the toned down pinks! These are great for the casual errand run, casual date, or you simply do not like the bright colors on your lips and prefer a more natural pink! 

This is a nice pink color for the Spring and Summer! It's a sort of bubblegum pink, but toned down! You don't need a lot of product otherwise it will be too creamy and will not look good! The formula is good and applying it is easy! 

As you can see the consistency is pretty creamy

Overall it looks nice on the lips and isn't too creamy looking! 

This is a rosy pink color! It's from the moisture renew collection! It does exactly that, it makes your lips feel more moist and hydrated and you don't need a lot for it to do the work! This is one of my go-to lip colors for when I don't want to wear a bold bright color!  

It looks bright and super pigmented, but it's not once it's on the lips!

As you can see it looks like you have lipstick on, but it doesn't look overpowering and it looks more natural than anything! 

This is a darker pink compared to the one above and this is such a nice color! It's not too dark and it's not too pigmented either! It's easy to apply and you don't need a lot, a little goes a long way! My go-to color, seriously, I always carry this lipstick with me! 

The application is smooth and not as creamy! 

Now I did put a bit too much here, but this is a beautiful natural pink! I highly recommend this lipstick! 

So these were all of my favorite lipsticks for the Spring and Summer and I love every single one! haha Hope y'all enjoyed this and have a great Tuesday! :) 

What lipstick do you wear all the time during the Spring/Summer?