Sunday, April 19, 2015

Spring Cleaning : Phone Edition

So it is Spring and I don't know about you, but I always feel more motivated to clean out my phone and of course, my room, but that'll be for another post that's coming up real soon! :) 

There are a few things I do to declutter my phone and I thought I'd share them with you all! 

1. Delete any unwanted pictures and back them up on your computer
This may be a simple thing to do, but trust me, it takes me months before I actually do it and I usually do it when I know I have too many pictures and don't need them all in my camera roll (photo hoarder over here!) so when I do decide to delete the unwanted pictures I make sure to delete them completely from the recently deleted folder and then I finally back up my pictures onto my computer and clear my whole library as a fresh start! 

2. Delete any useless emails and read the unread emails
This is a tedious process, but it's worth it in the end! I've been known to not check my email for a couple of days and see so many emails notifications for my blog or channel and even some good deals from my favorite stores (and seeing that they're expired and I get upset haha) and it's not fun so I read through them and then delete the emails I don't need in my inbox and it helps from getting too full and is less overwhelming, for me anyway! haha 

3. Delete songs that you don't listen to anymore from your music library
I rarely do this because I tend to forget (oops), but I've recently gone through my music library and have deleted some songs that I never listen to or just don't like anymore and again, I'm a music hoarder, as well, but this definitely helps you figure out your likes and dislikes, music wise and it gives you more space to add some of the new music you're currently listening to!

4. Delete apps you no longer need or use
As you can see, lots of deleting is happening! But really, I can't tell you how many times I've gotten the little notification saying my storage is full and it's usually (majority) apps that take up the most space and again, it's usually apps I don't need and sometimes I never even opened, sad, I know. You'll be surprised by how many apps you actually don't need and how much space you'll have once those apps are gone!

5. Go through your contacts and delete people you no longer talk to
This can be bittersweet sometimes, but it's necessary. I cleaned out my contacts and I had a lot of people I didn't talk to anymore. Once doing this, I start to realize that I like to keep my circle quite small. There's not much I can really say about this, but cleaning it out will help you not have those "who are you again?" moments like I have had in the past!

Now let's talk about decluttering your social media via iPhone (or whichever phone you have!) :)

-Unfollow any people you don't know, don't like their feed as much anymore, or are just random people you follow and don't exactly remember why (I'm guilty of this..)!
-Delete old pictures that you regret taking or just don't want them on your feed. This helps you from having an excessive amount of pictures on your feed!

-Unfollow accounts you don't like or just don't see the point in following anymore.
That's the only tip I can give you at the moment because if I was to say delete tweets, as well, that would just be a super long process, especially for me!

I don't really use Facebook, but here are some things I do when I am on there!
-Delete people you don't talk to anymore, people you don't know, and just people who you don't think should be in your friends list, if that makes sense, but by doing this you'll see who you're friends with and think back on why you added them or accepted them in the first place!
-Delete pictures or albums that you don't want on your Facebook. This could be embarrassing pictures from high school or even recently that you just don't like anymore. This helps you limit the amount of albums you make and pictures you have on your Facebook, especially if you don't like having so many pictures on your Facebook!

So that's all for this post! Hope you enjoyed this and was helpful in any way! Have a wonderful Sunday, y'all!

P.S. Lilly Pulitzer for Target launches today and I am BEYOND excited!!

How do you declutter your phone? :)

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