Sunday, March 22, 2015

What's In My Carry On Bag!

[side note: somehow all my older post got deleted so I'm starting fresh now!]

So as you can see from the title, I will be traveling in the next few days and I thought it would be fun to share my essentials for when on the plane and basic neccesities 

I use a backpack as my carry on because it's more comfortable for me to carry a backpack than a huge  full tote that makes my arms want to fall off! The backpack I use is The North Face Wasatch II Backpack, it's not in stock anymore, but I'm sure there are others similar to it! 

1. Because I'm going somewhere hot, the first thing I pack are my sunglasses! I forgot to pack my sunglasses the last time I traveled and I was so upset and it's worse when you leave them, so from experience I've learned to pack my sunglasses first! The sunglasses I have are the Ray-Ban Black Clubmaster , mine are polarized, which is good for when I'm going to be in the sun for the whole day, which is 80% of the time that I'm there!
2. I always bring a small cross body with me, it's not bulky or big which is perfect for everyday use and I mean who wants to lug around a big tote? I personally don't, especially when I'm going to be walking a lot and won't be stopping for quite some time. I am bringing the Michael Kors 'Fulton-Large' Crossbody
3. I bring a makeup bag with me and I pack the basic essentials that I need while traveling! 

 -Big hair clip, ponytail holders, travel-sized deodorant, travel-sized hand sanitizer, travel-sized hand cream, travel-sized fragrance mist and rollerball perfume, chapstick, floss, q-tip travel case, and sunglasses case.
4. I put all my cords and tech related stuff in this small but roomy travel makeup bag, it's not the cutest bag, but it does the job of keeping me organized and not fighting to get the cords out and whatnot! 
In the bag I have my camcorder and its charger, my Nikon's usb cable, my Mac's charger, my phone charger and my headphones.
5. I bring my planner and small pencil case with all my pens and a pencil and some highlighters because I like to brainstorm when on the plane and I like to jot them down on paper and because I am OCD about my planner I have to have everything color coordinated or else I freak out about it, strange, I know, but hey it keeps me organized. 
6. I have my iPad and I use this for when I want to play some games and I use it when I have wifi because it's easier to get out than my Mac. 
7. My wallet, self explanatory, haha. I love that I can take off the ID/change slot and use it as a mini wallet if I don't want to bring my whole wallet! My wallet is the Multi-continental 'Let Minnow' Lilly Pulitzer wallet.
8. Magazines, I bring these with me because I like to read magazines when on the plane and bringing my own is more economical than buying airport magazines, I have the March and April editions!
9. My Macbook! I always bring my laptop with me on long trips, especially on long flights! I like to get some editing done and also clean out my computer of old pictures, files, etc. I have the Macbook 15 in with Retina display.

So those are all my essentials and they all fit perfectly in my backpack and it's not super heavy which is always great (back problems)! I can't wait to be at the beach and in the sun, Wednesday can't get here soon enough! haha 

What do you bring with you on long trips?

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