Sunday, March 29, 2015

What's In My Beach Bag + Beach Essentials

The time has come for me to be at the beach and seeing as tomorrow I'll be heading to Acapulco, I decided to share what I bring in my beach bag and all the essentials! 

My beach bag is from Victoria's Secret and seeing as I had a coupon for a free tote after a $75 purchase, I decided to head to the mall and get myself a free tote! 

1. Oversized jersey shirt- I bring an oversized jersey for when I want to just walk around the city, you'll be surprised by how many tourists and locals are literally in their bathing suits or with a tunic or oversized shirt. It's quick to grab and comfy, so why not? My jersey is from Victoria's Secret Pink!
2. Tunic- I bring a tunic in case my jersey gets super soaked or I'm just lounging at the hotel and know I'm going to be heading back into the ocean or pool. Mine is from Altar'd State!
3. Bathing suit- Can we talk about how cute my swim suit is?! It's scalloped and I love it! I got it at Victoria's Secret and it is super comfy for a swim suit! 
4. Baseball cap- Most people don't bring these, but I definitely do! You can wear it to protect your face from the sun and for when you have crazy beach hair you can easily put on your baseball cap! Mine is pink with navy polo jockey logo! 
5. Beach towel- I bring it for when I want to lay out and to dry myself off when I'm spent some time in the water! Mine is from Victoria's Secret
6. Sunglasses- Self explanatory, to protect my eyes from the sun and because they're a necessity in my day-to-day life recently! Mine are the polarized Ray Ban Clubmasters! 
7. Hair ties & bobby pins- I bring these to either put my hair in a bun or ponytail and not have my hair in my face and if anyone needs one, you'll come to rescue and give them a hair tie! 
8. Waterproof mascara- having your mascara run is never attractive so bringing a waterproof mascara would be wise! Mine is from MAC! 
9. Magazine- I bring a magazine with me for when I take a short break from being in the water and like to see what's new and what's trending and whatnot! The magazine I'm bringing is the Glamour April 2015 Spring edition!
10. Headphones- when reading my magazine, I put on some music so headphones are definitely a must-have in my beach bag! 
11. Small crossbody- I don't like lugging around a huge purse with me so I bring a small crossbody with me because it doesn't take up much space and I can grab it and go when I'm heading out to the city! Mine is the Michael Kors 'Fulton' Large crossbody!
12. Camera- I usually take pictures with my iPhone but if I want it to look a bit more clean and professional, so to speak, I take pictures with my Nikon Coolpix L120 Camera and the results are pretty amazing! 
13. Water bottle- when out in the sun, you definitely need to keep yourself hydrated. I bring a water bottle or two with me so I don't get dehydrated, but you can always order something from your hotel and they'll gladly bring it out to you! 
14. Sunscreen lotion (silly me forgot to put this in my picture)- It's not pictured, but bring sunscreen!! I cannot stress that enough! There's nothing worse than having an awful sunburn from being out in the sun for so long!

So those were all the things that I have in my beach bag and my essentials! It seems like a lot, but the bag is huge so everything fits perfectly in there which is great, no second trips up to the hotel room! Hope y'all enjoyed this post! :) 

What's your favorite thing about going to the beach?

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