Friday, March 27, 2015

Travel Diary: Arriving in Mexico

It's been a day since I've arrived in Mexico and the heat has been very crazy! I forget that this is usually the time when the heat is unbearable and crazy all together, but I'm glad to be back! I love traveling, but sometimes it can get a bit tiresome, but I know it's very worth it in the end!

 As typical as it is, I took a window picture and I love how it turned out, it's so green and lovely, I'm so glad to be back in my second home! 

Another typical passport picture and this was when we landed in Mexico (Finally after three hours of being on the plane! Not as bad, but it can get a bit boring haha) 

When my uncle came to get us from the airport, we were all starving and we headed to our go-to restaurant and it is called Fonda "Las Sillas" and it is so good! 

Their menus could use a mini update, but that's irrelevant, the food is good!

This was our appetizer and nothing was left on the plate, we were that hungry! 

This was my meal, it was rayas gratinadas and what it basically is, is slices of green bell pepper and onion mixed with a creamy cheese and then melted cheese on the top, it sounds weird, but it's so good and fills you up quickly especially when you have handmade tortillas! 

Once we left Mexico City, we came to my little hometown and had to get me a chamoyada (basically a frozen drink with lots of chamoy sauce and chile powder. I had mine in the mango flavor) it was good and much needed with the heat! 

So that's how I spent my first day in Mexico and I enjoyed every minute of it and glad I get to spend time with my family and little adorable cousins! I'll be going to Acapulco soon so a future post about that will definitely be up! :) 

How's your Friday been so far? 


  1. Great pictures! The food looks amazing. I've never had rayas gratinadas but now I really want to try it.

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  2. They're really good! I want to look the recipe up and give it a shot for myself!